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Regardless of size, every business, organization, agency or group should have a presence on the world wide web. It equals the playing field. No matter who you are or where you are, you can join in.

But up until now, getting and maintaining a web presence has been an expensive, complicated and time consuming puzzle that can quickly drain budgets and people. Staking your claim on the Internet does not have to be a complicated puzzle!  The Web Kings have simplified the entire process. In just a few easy steps, you can join the rest of the world on the web for much less expense, effort and staff than you ever imagined.

The Web Kings will help you solve the puzzle
of taking your place on the world wide web in four simple steps.

You need a domain name.  That's "geek speak" for your "address" in the electronic world.  You see and hear these everywhere... like amazon.com Step one is to decide on your domain name and then check to see if it is available.  And if it is available, grab it... because they are going fast!  You should do this step fairly quickly... but not without considering factors that make for a good domain name
Design your web site.  Once you have your domain name, you need to decide what it is you that you want to say.  This will take a little thought... a building plan if you will.  There are all sorts of different tools, products and services that take care of the mechanics of actually building a web site but the most important factors are your plans... the content.  What do you want to say and who are you saying it to?  Think in outline form and just use a word processor or paper and pencil for starters but get your main points down with a little detail on each of those points.    
Host your web site.  If your domain name is your "address" and your web site design is your "building plan" then web hosting is your "lot" on the world wide web.  This is where your web pages will actually be stored so they can be viewed by anyone from anywhere when they are directed to your domain name.  This sounds complicated and expensive, but it doesn't have to be.  There are a number of good alternatives to take care of this part of the puzzle.
Set up your email.  While your domain name is the "address" of your "building" on the web, email focuses on the individual offices inside your "electronic building".  You will probably want to have several different email addresses to manage your on line correspondence.  For example, we use info@thewebkings.com to handle general information about our products and services and support@thewebkings.com to deal with helping our existing customers.  The portion of the email address after the @ sign is your domain name.  The portion to the left of the @ sign is the individual email account within that domain.   

Need more information? If you need some help entering the world wide web, contact us with your needs and concerns and we'll do our best to help.  Getting on the web is affordable for anyone as long as you are getting help from the right people.  Email us at info@thewebkings.com
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